Forum Rules, Guidelines, and Expectations

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Forum Rules, Guidelines, and Expectations

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:37 pm

Rules, Reg's, and Requests

Rule's are Strict. Break them, find yourself without the ability to post.

1. Flamewars
-Every now and then, you'll find yourself in need of a good old fashioned internet romp and dis track. Word for the wise, don't. Flame wars are not acceptable on the forum, as it disrupts flow of information.

2.Griefing, Trolling, Harassing
-Grief's Troll's, and Harassers will find themselves without the ability to post on this forum. You will not affect somebodies life and ability to rp and learn in a stress free environment because you disagree or find it fun.

3. Missing Content
-If you see content, missing, feel free to message an Admin. We'll take this content into consideration and see about adding it to the forums.

4. Common Sense
-Treat Others in a Kind, caring manner. They will do the same for you. Dickery on purpose isn't kind and caring.


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